Hog Hunting – What Caliber?

Hog hunting in GA without the right firearm caliber is like going to the field without adequate protection. If the hogs come at you, you may end up becoming “the hunted” instead of returning with a big game.

No doubt, the 9-millimeter is the most common cartridge in the world. It actually can be a good hog hunting sidearm. But you will likely want to arm yourself primarily with something that has a bit more stopping power. Also, consider where you are, the distance, and the size of the hogs you are hunting when selecting your firearm. Because you always want to have the upper hand each time you launch into a hunting expedition, here’s how to know what caliber will suit your hog hunting expedition.

9mm- Can It Take Down a Hog?

Yes, it can take down a hog, but hog hunting using a caliber as small as 9mm has its risks. As a result, most hunters use it in short-distance hunting (less than 10 yards), and it’s recommended to be used more as a secondary firearm than a primary one.

.243 Winchester

If you’re great at taking shots up to 400 yards away, this cartridge will complement your skills perfectly. Its low recoil is part of what’s responsible for its ‘enviable’ accuracy and lethality when taking down feral hogs. Its projectile grain weight ranges between 58 up to 108, and one can quickly tell that it functions like a .24 caliber bullet having a .308 Winchester trapped in it. When hunting feral hogs, bullets of 100 grains or heavier are enough. Overall, it’s a popular option for hog hunting.

.30-06 Family Group

Are you looking for more options to take down feral hogs? Don’t overlook the .30-06 family tree. Cartridges in this category include 280 Ackley Improved, .30-06 Springfield (which can take shots up to 800 yards with heavier bullets weighing between 110 up to 225 grains), and the 35 Whelen. These are generally known as long action rifles, and they’ve helped hunters bag feral hogs. They are versatile and offer lighter versions to suit your preference.

Hog Hunting

Feral hogs are overpopulated in many areas of the USA. They are highly destructive and can starve out native animal species. Hunters play a vital role in lowering the number of hogs. So, if you enjoy hunting, feral hogs are a great target, and a kill will fill your freezer full of delicious meat.

Gum Log Plantation

With over 3,000 acres of hunting space full of wild hogs, Gum Log Plantation can arrange great group hunts. Our expert guides can help you bag that hog. Contact us today at 229-318-9015 and make arrangements for a group hunt this winter.

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Last-Minute Gift Ideas: A Wild Hog Hunt

Many of us have outdoor enthusiasts in the family who like to hunt or participate in outdoor activities. With the holidays coming up, it is crucial to find the right gift for your loved ones. After all, there are endless options. So, if you are looking for last-minute gift ideas for the hunters in your family, you have come to the right place. Here is the top gift idea this season.

Hog Hunting in GA, the Perfect Gift

Outdoor Activity Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great way to give someone an experience. There are many available, and they incorporate various activities. From a hog hunt in GA to many other outdoor activities, gift certificates offer a wide variety of experiences.

Unlike some experiences, the middle of winter is the best time for a hog hunt. There is no hunting season for hogs; they can be hunted any time of year. Plus, hogs are active during the cold days of winter. Being outside in the crisp winter air, tracking hogs in the snow is an exhilarating experience for people of any age and something your gift recipient will never forget.

Hog Hunting in GA

Georgia (GA) has a large wild hog population. Many places offer hog hunts. At Gum Log Plantation, we offer many hunting retreats for our fellow outdoors persons. You can choose from any of the hunting retreats and gift it. Better yet, purchase another certificate for a buddy so they can go together.

The best part is that the gift receiver will connect with other people who also share a love of hunting. It is one of the best ways to make new connections with people who have similar interests. So, check out buying a hog hunt or any hunting retreat they would love.

Gum Log Plantation

Most people already have too much stuff. Giving an experience, whether something they already love to do or as a new event, creates memories that last a lifetime (and you never have to dust it). Gum Log Plantation offers various hunting retreats for singles, families, or groups. We have 3,000 acres of hunting land, and our comfortable lodge is a beautiful place to relax after a day outdoors. Our meals are top-rated, and the meat is fresh. So, give us a call at 229-318-9015, and we’ll help you select the best option for your gift recipient.


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Hunting for Meat vs. Hunting for a Trophy

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting in GAThere is a lot more to it than just skill when it comes to hog hunting in GA. People hunt for two reasons: enjoying the meat or using the animal as a trophy. Let’s look at the first group – those that want to consume the meat they hunt. Some people worry about consuming wild hog meat, but it is perfectly safe to eat when properly handled.

Safety And Consumption Issues

Eating wild hog meat is similar but not the same as farm-raised pork. Wild hogs have a broader diet than farm-raised animals, making the meat more complex. Also, feral hogs are very active, so their fat and muscle composition are different from the farm-raised pork you find in the grocery store. Nevertheless, wild hog meat is delicious.

For the best results, take all precautions when field-dressing your hog. Improper handling of the meat can contaminate it.

Signs You Have Bad Meat

Once you have the meat at home and are preparing to consume it, look for any signs that the meat might have gone bad. A strong odor is one of the top signs you have spoiled meat. The smell will be pungent and rotten. Also, if you notice any unusual colors such as yellow, green, or blue, these indicate that hog meat is not safe to consume. Dispose of this meat.

The Ethics of Trophy Hunting

Many people indulge in hog hunting to mount the hog head on their walls. There are some that object to hunting animals as a sport, but hogs are highly destructive. Hogs eat everything in their path, often leaving no food for other animals in the area. They don’t just eat the plant but rut and eat the roots – leaving the site barren. This destruction causes a significant imbalance in the local animal and food chain.

Hogs negatively impact local agriculture causing $1.5 billion of damage each year. Therefore, controlling their exploding population is critical to the farming industry. Hunting is the one way to thin the numbers, especially in regions with no natural predators.

Gum Log Plantation

Whether you are hunting for meat or trophy, the expert guides at Gum Log Plantation can make hog hunting in GA a successful experience. With over 3000 acres to hunt in a region with a high hog population, bagging a hog is almost a sure thing. So, fill your freezer or a blank space on your wall by booking a hunting trip and call 229-318-9015 today.


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Hog Hunting: The Perfect Family Bonding Trip

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting tipsWho wants some adventure? Hog hunting is the best way to treat your family and loved ones to some exciting and rewarding escapades. Thankfully, Gum Log Plantation provides the right atmosphere. The plantation includes over 3000 acres of prime hunting land, comfy lodges, amenities for your security & comfort. That way, you can head out using your best hog hunting tips and techniques to bag animal trophies. Here’s more on why hog hunting can be the perfect bonding trip for your family.

A Weekend Retreat

There’s no better time than now to ditch the comfort of your home for a weekend retreat or hog hunting getaway. If you’re thinking of where to begin, Gum Log Plantation will give you a great start. There’s something to keep everyone busy. It’s one of the best places to connect with nature and have an experience of a lifetime.

Hog Hunting Tips: Make It a Family Trip

Gum Log Plantation welcomes the whole family. There’s enough land to explore- over 3000 acres of scenic Georgia land and over 40 stands for the exceptional hunting experience. The lodge is located in Abbeville, GA, the wild hog capital of the world, meaning there’s plenty of targets to keep everyone engaged.

Fun Activities for All

You can play a game of “who gets the biggest catch” with your loved ones. If the family is large or there are youngsters involved, break into teams.

Other activities to explore (depending on the season) are fishing, deer hunting, and pontoon boat rides down the Ocmulgee River (it’s home to the world’s record largemouth bass and the prime habitat for wild hogs hunting).

Can you now see why it’s an extraordinary way to enjoy nature and bond with your family?

What’s Next After Hog Hunting?

After an adventurous day of hunting, you can settle in for some tasty foods. Our menus range from local fish and wild game to the famous Georgia barbecue.

The elegant and warm accommodations are furnished to taste and spacious enough to help the whole family relax in preparation for the next outing. In addition, the environment allows you to learn new hog hunting tips and connect with other families (beginner and professional hunters) who share the same passion for the outdoors.

Gum Log Plantation

Gum Log Plantation is a private lodge that’s home to all-things hunting and the best environment to wield those hog hunting tips to your advantage. There can be no dull moment for your family, and it’s an experience you’ll relish for a very long time. So call Gum Log Plantation at 229-318-9015 today and book your fall or winter trip.

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The Basics of Stalking a Feral Hog

Gum Log Plantation hunting lodge in GAFeral hogs are getting out of control. If left alone, these animals can roam around the countryside and do a lot of damage to the environment. Unfortunately, many states are vastly populated with these wild pigs, and to date, they have little hope of eliminating them. Luckily, hunting is one of the solutions. Gum Log Plantation is a hunting lodge in GA and is the perfect place to launch an assault on these animals and fill your freezer at the same time. But what does it take to creep up on these highly intelligent creatures?

Gum Log Hunting Lodge GA: Tips for Stalking Hogs

Let’s look at a hunting scenario of what will teach a lesson on hunting hogs.

On a summer day, just before dusk, a hunter makes his way out of a cabin with the hopes of bagging some feral hogs. He had boasted to his friends about his hunting finesse, and this day was not going to be any different, he thought.

This hunter thought the best thing to do would be to find a hog wallowing spot and hang around till the sun goes down when the hogs would be more active. Less than two hours after the decision, he lazily adjusted his binoculars and nearly missed it – about a few hundred yards in the distance; he noticed some movement. Thinking it was deer, he moved closer.

Suddenly he hears a squeal which directs his attention to a group of feral hogs behind some nearby scrub rooting in the ground.

Here Comes The Stalker

With high hopes and excitement, he approaches the hogs steadily and quietly till he is at the perfect range to get a shot. Luckily, the breeze was blowing heavily in his direction. He raises his rifle, but one of the massive hairy pigs sights him. He quickly takes a shot and hits the pig in its left shoulder.

The hog takes off through the thick bush with a loud squeal and blood dripping from its wound. Unfortunately, it is now too dark to track the pig without night equipment which the hunter did not bring. So now there is a wounded hog in the bush (a dangerous scenario) and no way to track it.

Lessons From the Escapade

What did this hunter do right? It was summer, so he went hunting for hogs during a cooler part of the day when the pigs were more active. He also knew that wallows are places where pigs hang out.  He was also downwind from the hogs (but this seems to have been by luck).

What did he do wrong? He probably shot too quickly and only wounded the animal, or possibly his rifle wasn’t the proper one for hog hunting. He also lacked proper night-tracking equipment, such as a powerful LED headlamp and a blood tracker flashlight. A rifle like the .35 Remington is excellent for short ranges and has the power to drop medium-sized game (which would have removed the need to track an injured animal).

Before You Go

When hunting, always know how to identify and stalk your prey. Depending on the circumstances, have the right weapon for the game you’re hunting and carry any additional equipment to assist your hunt. Plus, keep in mind the number one rule of hunting: Safety First.

Gum Log Plantation

Are you interested in hunting but don’t know where to start? Then, Gum Log Plantation is the place for you. Our premier hunting lodge in GA, set on 2000 acres of prime hunting grounds, has a team of experienced guides to take you on a first-class hunting excursion. You can go solo or bring a group of friends. We’re booking fall and winter outings now. Call 229-318-9015 and book yours today.

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Why Winter is a Great Time for Hog Hunting

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting in GAWild hogs can be a significant problem for landowners and even hunters. This invasive animal species rips through crops and eats up any food used to lure other wild game. Luckily, these animals can be tracked and hunted without too much trouble because it’s easy to spot where they are due to this damage.

The hog populations have exploded in the warmer southern states. Because of the destruction they cause, there are not a ton of restrictions surrounding hog hunting. Most states allow hog hunting year-round, but there are different regulations regarding private vs. public land and night hunting (when hogs are on the move and feeding). Before hog hunting in GA, check local laws.

Hog Hunting GA: Winter Hunting Tips

Hogs are just fun to hunt in general, and they have a lot of meat on them, making them good for filling a freezer. Still, when is the best time to hunt a hog? Many hunters think that summer and spring are the best times to hunt hogs, but this is not true.

You are better off hunting hogs during the cold winter months. Since there is no specific hog hunting season in most places, you could hunt hogs all year, but it is much easier to pursue these intelligent animals during the winter. First, we’ll talk about why winter is the ideal time to hunt hogs.

The Benefits of Winter Hog Hunting

Hogs need to eat, and they are highly motivated by food. During warmer months, hogs have to search widely for food sources. Their “home range” can vary from a few hundred acres to several thousand acres depending on food availability. So, they are constantly moving around and looking for moist and swampy areas to scavenge veggies and other types of sustenance.

However, in winter, things change. Food sources are limited, and the hog won’t quickly move from food source to food source. In other words, they will stick to restricted areas where food can be found. In addition, in summer and spring, hogs sleep in during daylight and forage at night. In the winter, they move during the day when it is cold, making them easier to track and hunt.

Gum Lodge Plantation

If you are interested in hog hunting in GA, contact Gum Lodge Plantation. Our lodge sits on over 3000 acres of land for hunting, and we provide affordable guided hunting packages. You can hunt hogs in the winter by booking a solo or group hunt with an expert guide. Contact us at 229-318-9015 – we look forward to hearing from you.

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Clean Kills: Where To Shoot a Wild Hog

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting tipsWhen hunting hogs or any animal, the hunter’s goal is to drop the animal quickly. A clean kill prevents the hunter from tracking an injured and possibly dangerous animal overland and is more humane for the animal to be killed instantly. Following a few hog hunting tips can guarantee a clean kill.

Hog Hunting Tips: a Clean Kill

Wild hog hunting involves a lot of action. So whether using a rifle, handgun, or bow, always remain calm when using your weapon. Many new hunters get caught up in the excitement of seeing their target animal and shoot too quickly, often missing their target. A patient, controlled shot has a higher success rate.

Head Or Neck?

Ideally, aiming for the shoulder and vital organs of the wild hog will usually kill the hog on the spot. However, if the hog is not killed, hitting it in the shoulder will prevent the hog from fleeing. In addition, a disabled hog allows the hunter a quick follow-up shot (if need be) for a fast, clean, and ethical kill.

Another primary kill location is the neck. Not only is it a perfect kill shot, but it’ll also put the hog down on the spot by dissociating the spine.

Shooting straight at an animal’s brain would kill it, but a wild hog doesn’t have a big brain, which is not easily hit. Besides, these tiny brains are protected by a thick skull, hair, and hide. As a result, headshots don’t always take down the animal, and an injured hog could get up and charge a hunter as they are approaching it. Also, many hunters don’t do headshots because they mess up any chance of a wall trophy.

Correct Ammunition

To be a successful hunter, you must use a bullet that’s powerful enough to get the job done. Hogs have thick hair and hide, and the ammunition used must be able to penetrate that easily. Remember, the goal is a quick, clean kill—research which ammunition is best before heading out into the field. If bow hunting, the same advice applies. Select the proper arrow/broadhead that will be most effective for hogs.

Gum Log Plantation

Do you need some hog hunting tips? The guides at Gum Log Plantation are ready to share. We are Georgia hog hunting experts and will always use the right weapon and ammunition for the job. We have led hundreds of successful hog hunts and are waiting to hear from you. Contact us today and schedule your hunt today. Call 229-318-9015.

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COVID-19 And Hog Hunting

Gum Log Plantation hunting tipsHunting hogs is an outdoor activity enjoyed by many people. Anyone can partake and be successful, especially when they have great hunting tips and techniques to follow. However, the recent restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have caused some confusion for all activities. At Gum Log Plantation, we can relate to the discomfort and health challenges that the COVID-19 virus has brought upon us all, but hunting is one activity that can stay within all the guidelines.

Hog Hunting Tips from the Experts

While you’re staying safe, we thought of giving you some hunting tips and quick facts about wild hogs in Georgia. And reassure you that this activity respects social distance and it’s still gratifying in these COVID-19 times.

Destruction Due to Hogs

You probably know that hogs breed quickly- and that can result in a low yield of agricultural produce for local farmers. That’s because hogs have a habit of uprooting soil to a depth of 12 inches in search of food, similar to the depth of crop tilling by local farmers. So leaving feral hogs to multiply in our environment will end up affecting our food sources and ecosystem.

More so, hogs have what is known as dietary overlap with deer due to their larger population. This overlap means that as wild hogs grow in numbers, deer will have declining food sources. The result is a reduced deer population due to starvation or migration.

Because of these challenges, states that ‘manage’ wild hogs are swift to encourage hunters to bag as many hogs as possible.

Hunting in COVID-19 Times

If you’re thinking, ‘Is feral hog hunting still safe to pursue right now?’ our answer to you is, ‘Yes, it is!’ The first thing to consider is hunting is an outdoor activity, so there is fresh air all around you and plenty of space to spread out even when hunting in groups.

With these facts in mind, if you’re interested in contributing to the well-being of your community by controlling the hog population, exercising your mind and body, and getting a freezer full of meat, hog hunting is one activity you should consider.

Gum Log Plantation

There’s no better time to start than now, and we’re right here to plan that hog hunting excursion. Don’t let COVID-19 stop your hog hunting fun; you can still go out and get a hunt in. The experts at Gum Log Plantation can plan a safe and successful hunting trip for you and your friends. Contact us today at 229-318-9015 for more information.

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The Dead Giveaways Of Hogs In Your Area

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting tipsWild hogs are found in 35 states – mainly in the southern region of the country. They are highly destructive and can be dangerous. Hunting hogs is legal in all these states, and controlling the population is a top priority. Whether you merely want to know what’s digging up your property or you are out tracking hogs when hunting, knowing the signs that indicate hogs are in the vicinity is vital information to know.

Hog Hunting Tips: Signs of Hogs

Here are some signs that reveal there are wild hogs in an area:

Uprooted Soil

One of the most crucial signs that hogs are in the area is large patches of uprooted soil. Hogs have an acute sense of smell. They can detect a food source up to 25 feet underground. When wild hogs identify a food source, they use their strong stouts to uproot and overturn the vegetation to get access to the food. Sometimes when they are done, the whole area will look like it just got plowed.

Hog Wallows

Another recognizable sign of wild hogs’ presence is wallows. Wallows are typically shallow, muddy depressions. They are oval to oblong in shape. Hogs do not have sweat glands; hence, hogs will seek ways to reduce their body temperature when it’s hot. First, near water sources, the hogs will dig into water-softened soil. Then, they will wriggle their bodies back and forth, covering their entire body with mud. The mud coating not only cools their bodies but also serves as a parasite deterrent for them.


Once the wild hogs have cooled off in the wallows, their following action is to “shake off” all the mud stuck to them. To do this, they rub their bodies against hard surfaces such as trees, utility poles, rocks, etc. As a result, you’ll see patches of dried mud typically between 5 and 40 inches above the ground. The patches can encircle the structure. In addition, if a particular tree is used frequently, all the bark may be rubbed off.


Many references have pictures of hog scat to help you distinguish it from other animals’ (It looks similar to dog feces). Wild hogs will leave dropping trails along the paths they journey through the most. You’ll also find scat around their feeding areas.

Gum Log Plantation

Our hunting guides are full of hog hunting tips and are experts in tracking them down. If you want to participate in a successful hunt, contact Gum Log Plantation at 229-318-9015 and book a trip today.

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What Is Trophy Hunting?

Gum Log Plantation hunting tipsHunting is a somewhat misunderstood sport. In fact, for some, it’s a way of life. It supplies food in areas that are food deserts. Hunting also provides food for restaurants that feature wild meat on their menus. But, there are different kinds of hunters. It is a sport that is more complex than some people realize.

Whether for sustenance or as a hobby, those who hunt are a vital part of conservation, believe it or not. Responsible hunters understand the importance of conservation because they know better than anyone else that overhunting will result in the demise of a species. They also know that the overpopulation of an animal can destroy an ecosystem, so keeping it balanced helps all species in an area.

Hunting Tips: Responsible Hunting

Trophy Hunters

Those who look forward to hunting just because they want to kill an animal are the worst sort of hunters. Sport hunters that pay millions of dollars to shoot endangered African animals or shoot wolves from helicopters are not responsible hunters. Instead, they are the worst kind of trophy hunters. It brings to mind old British hunters delving into Africa searching for animals to mount on their walls.

Trophy hunters, as the name implies, hunt for some primal thrill of man versus nature. They seek to pit their skills against the most aged, wise, elusive creatures of the wild. There is often a hunting checklist they are trying to fill without the thought of destroying a living being or the local ecosystem. Instead, the focus is on themselves and their desires.

Responsible Sport Hunters

Hunting can still be a fulfilling pastime when the focus is on the animals and their long-term survival. While hunting may seem unfair to the animals, in some cases, it’s a benefit. Wild boars, for example, grow quite large as they age. They tend to become unruly, aggressive and are quite invasive. Left alone, they can destroy food sources for other animals in the area. Dealing with them is a recurring issue in several states. Hunting them keeps the populations down and the destruction to a minimum.

Even when the goal is population control, an animal’s life should never be ended just for sport. The meat and hide should not be wasted. Using as much of the animal as possible is respectful of nature.

Follow the Laws

One of our country’s best-known hunters, Theodore Roosevelt, was an ardent conservationist because he understood well that hunters who hunt everything soon have nothing left to pursue. People may hunt for different reasons, but they need to respect the hunting laws and the delicate balance of nature. When done respectfully, hunting and the money from licenses help support conservation. If there is one hunting tip to remember, it’s to respect bag limits and the local area’s balance.

Gum Log Plantation

Want to participate in responsible hunting? Gum Log Plantation is your place. Our expert guides are well versed in conservation and hunting tips. A trip with us will be fun, and it’ll fill your freezer. So contact us at 229-318-9015 and plan a trip today.

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