Hunting for Meat vs. Hunting for a Trophy

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting in GAThere is a lot more to it than just skill when it comes to hog hunting in GA. People hunt for two reasons: enjoying the meat or using the animal as a trophy. Let’s look at the first group – those that want to consume the meat they hunt. Some people worry about consuming wild hog meat, but it is perfectly safe to eat when properly handled.

Safety And Consumption Issues

Eating wild hog meat is similar but not the same as farm-raised pork. Wild hogs have a broader diet than farm-raised animals, making the meat more complex. Also, feral hogs are very active, so their fat and muscle composition are different from the farm-raised pork you find in the grocery store. Nevertheless, wild hog meat is delicious.

For the best results, take all precautions when field-dressing your hog. Improper handling of the meat can contaminate it.

Signs You Have Bad Meat

Once you have the meat at home and are preparing to consume it, look for any signs that the meat might have gone bad. A strong odor is one of the top signs you have spoiled meat. The smell will be pungent and rotten. Also, if you notice any unusual colors such as yellow, green, or blue, these indicate that hog meat is not safe to consume. Dispose of this meat.

The Ethics of Trophy Hunting

Many people indulge in hog hunting to mount the hog head on their walls. There are some that object to hunting animals as a sport, but hogs are highly destructive. Hogs eat everything in their path, often leaving no food for other animals in the area. They don’t just eat the plant but rut and eat the roots – leaving the site barren. This destruction causes a significant imbalance in the local animal and food chain.

Hogs negatively impact local agriculture causing $1.5 billion of damage each year. Therefore, controlling their exploding population is critical to the farming industry. Hunting is the one way to thin the numbers, especially in regions with no natural predators.

Gum Log Plantation

Whether you are hunting for meat or trophy, the expert guides at Gum Log Plantation can make hog hunting in GA a successful experience. With over 3000 acres to hunt in a region with a high hog population, bagging a hog is almost a sure thing. So, fill your freezer or a blank space on your wall by booking a hunting trip and call 229-318-9015 today.


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