Hog Hunting – What Caliber?

Hog hunting in GA without the right firearm caliber is like going to the field without adequate protection. If the hogs come at you, you may end up becoming “the hunted” instead of returning with a big game.

No doubt, the 9-millimeter is the most common cartridge in the world. It actually can be a good hog hunting sidearm. But you will likely want to arm yourself primarily with something that has a bit more stopping power. Also, consider where you are, the distance, and the size of the hogs you are hunting when selecting your firearm. Because you always want to have the upper hand each time you launch into a hunting expedition, here’s how to know what caliber will suit your hog hunting expedition.

9mm- Can It Take Down a Hog?

Yes, it can take down a hog, but hog hunting using a caliber as small as 9mm has its risks. As a result, most hunters use it in short-distance hunting (less than 10 yards), and it’s recommended to be used more as a secondary firearm than a primary one.

.243 Winchester

If you’re great at taking shots up to 400 yards away, this cartridge will complement your skills perfectly. Its low recoil is part of what’s responsible for its ‘enviable’ accuracy and lethality when taking down feral hogs. Its projectile grain weight ranges between 58 up to 108, and one can quickly tell that it functions like a .24 caliber bullet having a .308 Winchester trapped in it. When hunting feral hogs, bullets of 100 grains or heavier are enough. Overall, it’s a popular option for hog hunting.

.30-06 Family Group

Are you looking for more options to take down feral hogs? Don’t overlook the .30-06 family tree. Cartridges in this category include 280 Ackley Improved, .30-06 Springfield (which can take shots up to 800 yards with heavier bullets weighing between 110 up to 225 grains), and the 35 Whelen. These are generally known as long action rifles, and they’ve helped hunters bag feral hogs. They are versatile and offer lighter versions to suit your preference.

Hog Hunting

Feral hogs are overpopulated in many areas of the USA. They are highly destructive and can starve out native animal species. Hunters play a vital role in lowering the number of hogs. So, if you enjoy hunting, feral hogs are a great target, and a kill will fill your freezer full of delicious meat.

Gum Log Plantation

With over 3,000 acres of hunting space full of wild hogs, Gum Log Plantation can arrange great group hunts. Our expert guides can help you bag that hog. Contact us today at 229-318-9015 and make arrangements for a group hunt this winter.

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