Why Winter is a Great Time for Hog Hunting

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting in GAWild hogs can be a significant problem for landowners and even hunters. This invasive animal species rips through crops and eats up any food used to lure other wild game. Luckily, these animals can be tracked and hunted without too much trouble because it’s easy to spot where they are due to this damage.

The hog populations have exploded in the warmer southern states. Because of the destruction they cause, there are not a ton of restrictions surrounding hog hunting. Most states allow hog hunting year-round, but there are different regulations regarding private vs. public land and night hunting (when hogs are on the move and feeding). Before hog hunting in GA, check local laws.

Hog Hunting GA: Winter Hunting Tips

Hogs are just fun to hunt in general, and they have a lot of meat on them, making them good for filling a freezer. Still, when is the best time to hunt a hog? Many hunters think that summer and spring are the best times to hunt hogs, but this is not true.

You are better off hunting hogs during the cold winter months. Since there is no specific hog hunting season in most places, you could hunt hogs all year, but it is much easier to pursue these intelligent animals during the winter. First, we’ll talk about why winter is the ideal time to hunt hogs.

The Benefits of Winter Hog Hunting

Hogs need to eat, and they are highly motivated by food. During warmer months, hogs have to search widely for food sources. Their “home range” can vary from a few hundred acres to several thousand acres depending on food availability. So, they are constantly moving around and looking for moist and swampy areas to scavenge veggies and other types of sustenance.

However, in winter, things change. Food sources are limited, and the hog won’t quickly move from food source to food source. In other words, they will stick to restricted areas where food can be found. In addition, in summer and spring, hogs sleep in during daylight and forage at night. In the winter, they move during the day when it is cold, making them easier to track and hunt.

Gum Lodge Plantation

If you are interested in hog hunting in GA, contact Gum Lodge Plantation. Our lodge sits on over 3000 acres of land for hunting, and we provide affordable guided hunting packages. You can hunt hogs in the winter by booking a solo or group hunt with an expert guide. Contact us at 229-318-9015 – we look forward to hearing from you.

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