Clean Kills: Where To Shoot a Wild Hog

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting tipsWhen hunting hogs or any animal, the hunter’s goal is to drop the animal quickly. A clean kill prevents the hunter from tracking an injured and possibly dangerous animal overland and is more humane for the animal to be killed instantly. Following a few hog hunting tips can guarantee a clean kill.

Hog Hunting Tips: a Clean Kill

Wild hog hunting involves a lot of action. So whether using a rifle, handgun, or bow, always remain calm when using your weapon. Many new hunters get caught up in the excitement of seeing their target animal and shoot too quickly, often missing their target. A patient, controlled shot has a higher success rate.

Head Or Neck?

Ideally, aiming for the shoulder and vital organs of the wild hog will usually kill the hog on the spot. However, if the hog is not killed, hitting it in the shoulder will prevent the hog from fleeing. In addition, a disabled hog allows the hunter a quick follow-up shot (if need be) for a fast, clean, and ethical kill.

Another primary kill location is the neck. Not only is it a perfect kill shot, but it’ll also put the hog down on the spot by dissociating the spine.

Shooting straight at an animal’s brain would kill it, but a wild hog doesn’t have a big brain, which is not easily hit. Besides, these tiny brains are protected by a thick skull, hair, and hide. As a result, headshots don’t always take down the animal, and an injured hog could get up and charge a hunter as they are approaching it. Also, many hunters don’t do headshots because they mess up any chance of a wall trophy.

Correct Ammunition

To be a successful hunter, you must use a bullet that’s powerful enough to get the job done. Hogs have thick hair and hide, and the ammunition used must be able to penetrate that easily. Remember, the goal is a quick, clean kill—research which ammunition is best before heading out into the field. If bow hunting, the same advice applies. Select the proper arrow/broadhead that will be most effective for hogs.

Gum Log Plantation

Do you need some hog hunting tips? The guides at Gum Log Plantation are ready to share. We are Georgia hog hunting experts and will always use the right weapon and ammunition for the job. We have led hundreds of successful hog hunts and are waiting to hear from you. Contact us today and schedule your hunt today. Call 229-318-9015.

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